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Study Permit

A Study Permit is a federal document that allows international nationals to study in Canada at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). In possession of this license, while studying, you must: always be enrolled at a DLI, make progress towards completing the program, respect any conditions listed on the Study Permit, stop studying if no longer meet the requirements and leave Canada when the permit expires.

Study Permit validity

A Study Permit is usually valid for the length of the educational program and 90 days more. This extra time is enough to prepare yourself to leave Canada or apply to extend the stay. It is possible to prolong the stay as a student if the course hasn’t been finished before the date on the permit.
Although, if the course ends before the expected time, the license will stop being valid 90 days after the studies are completed (no matter what day is printed on the Study Permit). The studies are considered complete either on the date that the first notification arrives from the school (such as an email, letter, transcript, etc.) or when the degree, diploma or certificate is issued.

Before you apply

Be sure to have all the documents needed, like an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and a valid passport or travel document, before applying for the Study Permit. Also, can be requested proof that you have enough money to pay for: tuition fees, own living expenses, and any family members who along with you to Canada and return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada. You might be asked as well for a police certificate and a medical exam. Satisfying an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay it`s also necessary for receiving a Study Permit.

How to apply

There are some cases in which it`s possible to apply within Canada, but typically people apply for a Canadian Study Permit outside Canada online or use a paper application in a country outside Canada where you are lawfully admitted, or in person or by mail at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Los Angeles. Get the online free assessment now and count on the expertise of  Mercan Group professionals to guide you through this process.

People who don’t need a permit to study in Canada

Most foreign nationals need a Study Permit to ingress in a Canadian educational institution, but there are some exceptions like: short-term studies (six months or less), family or staff of foreign representatives, members of foreign armed forces on official duties, registered Indians status in Canada and minor children in Canada.

The cases which a minor child doesn’t need a Study Permit are: kindergarten, refugees or refugee claimants, have parents who are refugees or refugee claimants or want to go to pre-school, primary or secondary school, and are already in Canada with a parent who is allowed to work or study in Canada.

Advantages of having a Study Permit

Canada’s academic rigorous quality controls guarantee a high-quality education that will make your curriculum prestigious. Beyond receiving this high-standard education, students with a Study Permit in Canada have other advantages, such as: apply for permanent residence after graduation and, in some cases, work while studying.